Latest version is "Comet 1 beta 31 (2004-9-26)"

Comet is language binding between COM and C++. It allows you to do both COM client and COM server programming, without any dependency on either ATL or MFC. In other words Comet is a replacement for ATL.

To learn more read Introduction to Comet by Paul Hollingsworth (updated 26/1/2001).

You can download Comet and use it for free. However be aware that it is a work in progress. Don't be (too) surprised of bugs, and expect feature changes in the future.

Comet is designed and implemented by Sofus Mortensen with contributions, ideas and bug fixes from Paul Hollingsworth, Michael Geddes, Mikael Lindgren, Kyle Alons and Vladimir Voinkov.

If you have problems, questions, suggestions or otherwise please contact us at Your opinion is important to us, so please send us your comments.

There is a mailing list for Comet for discussing anything related to Comet. You can browse the archive here.

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