"I'm actually using Comet extensively for a new Pro version of Visual Build ... I rewrote the main application components as COM objects so they can be programmed via script and other languages, and then used those same COM interfaces from the GUI and console builder apps. It would not have been fun to do that with ATL alone. Comet has saved me so much time and grunge work."
"Thank you again for all of your hard work on Comet--it definitely saved me a lot of time building the Automation piece of my app."
Kyle Alons, Kinook Software
"Comet makes it by far easier to get COM resource management right than to get it wrong. ATL and MFC are the other way around."
"I have found Comet to be a more maintainable and more readable way of writing COM!"
Michael Geddes
"At MicroHedge I did all of my COM programming using Comet - it was just so much cleaner and less error prone that I could never go back to using ATL. I used Comet to implement a collection of 'QuoteEngine' components. The software is being used right now by market makers on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange to deliver their time critical real time option quotes."
Paul Hollingsworth
"we're using comet now for about a year and it's simply great. It allows us to concentrate on the important tasks and not on boring COM-fundamentals."
Ralf-Christian Juergensen, dSPACE

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